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◯ 50ML sounds very little - how long does a bottle of Suck My Pores last?

We’re not asking you to drown your pores in oil, so you only really need ~10 drops per day (depending on how much makeup you wear), so a bottle will last you 8 - 12 weeks!

◯ How can I tell that Suck My Pores is working?

Usually you will notice the increase in moisture of your skin immediately. The deep cleansing part depends on how much buildup has been trapped inside your pores, you may notice little white bumps popping up (those are the impurities, not white heads as you can simply remove them with a cotton pad). It could range from 2 weeks to a month before you notice the effect.

◯ How often should I use Suck My Pores?

Every night for long term unclogged pores effect.

◯ I have oily skin, will Suck My Pores make my skin even oilier afterwards?

Us too! Actually it is on the contrary. One of SMP’s main ingredients is jojoba oil which has almost the same structure as human skin oil (sebum). When Suck My Pores is applied, it tricks your skin into thinking that you already have enough skin oil, and therefore won’t keep on producing excessive sebum. But your skin needs to be tricked on a daily basis - why is why we recommend using Suck My Pores on every night for best results.

◯ I have very sensitive skin, will Suck My Pores give me flares?

Our product is very gentle (100% natural with ZERO artificial chemicals), that is what we pride ourselves in! However, if you are worried, we recommend that you do a patch test on the inside of your elbow before applying Suck My Pores to your face.

◯ What makes Suck My Pores stand out as a deep pore cleanser? I mean there are so many other products out there, especially clay masks - how are you better?

Our gentle formulation is designed for everyday use. Most other cleansers and clay mask products cleanse your face by stripping everything out from your pores, including the natural oil from your skin, making them unsuitable for everyday use as they would leave your skin very, very dry.

So instead of stripping everything out from your skin, Suck My Pores mimics your own natural skin oil to penetrate deep into your pores, flushes out the impurities, residuals and toxins whilst restoring and injecting more moisture magic to your skin (which is needed for stronger collagen structure). Oh and btw, it also helps balance sebum production in your skin while doing all of the above.

◯ Can I use Suck My Pores as a facial massage oil?

Absolutely, it has been recommended as part of your facial massage routine due to its gentle and nourishing nature.

◯ Can I use Suck My Pores as a makeup remover?

Totally. Suck My Pores effectively removes makeup (both on the skin surface and trapped inside the pores) while flushing out impurities, residuals and toxins from your pores. So ditch your ordinary makeup remover and use Suck My Pores as a makeup remover (on steroids!!) instead.

◯ Can I leave this product on overnight?

Some of our users love our Suck My Pores’ moisture magic so much that they actually rub a couple drops of it over their face and leave it overnight for extra plumped feel the next morning. Test it out with a couple of drops at most. However, if there is any rashes or discomfort, rinse it off immediately. Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently, so don’t be greedy, just use Suck My Pores for cleansing for now only - we guarantee you can still feel that moisture goodness this way!

◯ I am lazy, do I have to do another round of cleansing after using Suck My Pores?

Short answer, yes. After Suck My Pores works its magic to draw out impurities and residuals from your pores, you then need to use your normal cleanser to remove all that sh*t from the skin surface. But if you REALLY can’t be bothered after a big night out (yes - we know how that feels), then you get a pass - but make sure you wipe your makeup off with Suck My Pores at least. Trust us, your skin will love you for that the morning after.

◯ Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our quality natural ingredients from all over Europe and Peru (a sustainable jojoba plantation).

◯ What is the shelf life of Suck My Pores?

Typically it has a shelf life of 12 months. Please keep it out of direct sunlight and at room temperature. Put the cap back on after use to prevent oil from evaporating.

◯ Were any animals harmed in the process of making Suck My Pores?

No, our product is 100% natural and animal-cruelty free. We do not test on animals. Janice’s (our friend) rottweiler is alive and well, he just pawed us the other day.

◯ I have acne, how can Suck My Pores help? Will it cure my acne attacks?

We feel you, acne is a bitch. Rachel has been fighting acne for years, and with a combination of multiple skincare treatments, together with Suck My Pores, she has now conquered the acne battle. (HOORAY!) Suck My Pores helps to unclog pores on a daily basis, reduce the chance of bacterial growth which leads to acne or pimple formation.

◯ I am preggo, can I still use Suck My Pores?

First of all - Congratulations!!! Our product doesn’t contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives. We do understand that this is a very personal decision, therefore we suggest that you run our ingredient list by your doctor first if you have any concerns.

◯ I got a few breakouts after using Suck My Pores, what’s happening to me?

Don’t panic, you could be experiencing a “purge phase”, where the dirty stuff is coming out from your pores - so this is good news because that means Suck My Pores is doing its job! Make sure you are not drowning your skin with Suck My Pores (usually 8 - 12 drops should be sufficient, depending on how much makeup you wear), and you are performing a second cleansing step after wiping Suck My Pores off.